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March 1973


Brussel, Galerie D


Vito Acconci

De tentoonstelling liep 3 weken, Acconci gaf 1 dag gedurende 3 uur een live performance: The main room is a store-front. There's a corridor, eighteen inches wide and about twelve feet long, at the side of the room; it goes up to the window -- the window is curtained off, except for the narrow space of the corridor, which functions as a kind of target area for both inside and outside. Halfway along the length of the corridor, a spotlight shines from the floor toward the window. I'm at the end of the corridor, standing against the window: I’m bare-chested, my eyes are closed, my mouth is open -- I'm turning regularly -- I'm leaning back against the window -- I'm turning, my face is pressed against the window – I’m open to people at the other end of the corridor, I 'm open to people looking in the window from outside the gallery. At the entrance to the corridor, there's a tape loop, my voice: if you, the viewer, don't come up behind me, if you don't do something, behind my back, then I'd know I can trust you -- but then, you'd be ignoring me -- but, if you attack me, then you'd want me here only so that you could get rid of me -- but, if you caressed me instead, you'd be turning me into an object, since I wouldn’t respond, you'd be treating me as if I weren't here. Behind the corridor, under a stairway, there's a small space made into a kind of bed: foam mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows. My voice on a tape loop; you, the viewer, could be here even though I'm not - your presence, then, could undo my fears that people in my life will disappear when I'm away from them -- so you could replace them -- they wouldn’t have to be there -- but then I'd be getting rid of them -- so I have to wish you wouldn’t be here, I have to want you to go around and attack me in the corridor - so then I’d be forced to wish that they were around to protect me.